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Level up your cooking game with Tasteology olive oil and balsamics. Our 100% Australian extra virgin olive oil provides the perfect flavours to help you keep creating in the kitchen. Our Olive Oil & Balsamic gift sets are the perfect foodie gift!

At Tasteology we only use locally sourced ingredients of the highest quality for all of our products including our olive oils, which are made from olives harvested in Australia. You will taste the difference when you use our olive oil. Not only are our products local and high-quality but they are also versatile. Did you know our range has 5 Olive Oil flavours and 2 types of balsamic?

Our olive oil is also good for you: high in monounsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It is protective against heart disease, while our balsamic lowers cholesterol levels and stabilises blood pressure. Both of these products are a must-have in your kitchen, and they also look great on your kitchen benchtop! Discover why our flavoured Australian olive oil and our Australian balsamic range is so popular.

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