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Our Rock Salt is harvested ethically from the Great Barrier Reef here in Australia. To harvest the salt water from the most pristine parts of the Great Barrier Reef is trapped and allowed to evaporate naturally in the sun. Once this process is over we are left with flake shards, which are then broken into crystals to create rock salt. Our salt has not been pumped, refined or gone through any process to achieve the end result. It has been naturally dried and shattered by a manual process.

Our salts are 100% natural and no preservatives, additives or artificial flavouring oils have been used - the taste you get from our salts come straight from the herbs and is completely natural. The salts come in a high quality glass bottle with a ceramic grinder which allows you to adjust the thickness of the granules. The bottle is made with sustainability in mind, and allows you to refill the bottle with one of our refill packs when empty, giving you a grinder you can use for many years to come.



Level-up your pantry game with TASTEOLOGY, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to our gourmet and artisan salt and peppers. By simply using our gourmet salts and black peppers, you can easily bring out the natural flavours of every ingredient in your dish. Our ethically-sourced, high-quality Australian Gourmet Salt and Gourmet Peppers are made with all-natural ingredients and our Pink Himalayan Salt has a high content of trace minerals. Himalayan salt helps in increasing hydration, lowering blood pressure and increasing bone strength.