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Australian Flavoured Syrups - Bring New Flavour to Your Coffee, Cocktails & Desserts

Tasteology’s beautiful range of natural syrups are the perfect addition to your kitchen to get creative! Elevate the delicious flavour of your coffee, cocktails, desserts & more with our tasty flavoured syrups. Our syrups are essential to creating many classic and modern-day cocktails, and the best thing is they're all natural.

Our syrups transform any drinks, food or desserts into a foodie masterpiece. The 300ml syrups are large, versatile and taste amazing, which makes them a great addition to your kitchen benchtop. Flavoured syrups can be added to shakes, iced lattes, cappuccinos, smoothies, frappes, cocktails and even ice cream! When you’re baking or making pancakes, waffles or icing for your cakes, our Hazelnut syrup would make an excellent addition poured on top. 

Syrups are also a good substitute for sweeteners and eliminate the need for adding sugar. Craving chocolate? Add in some of our yummy famous hazelnut syrup into your morning coffee and you are all set! Organising a girls get-together and want to make some fun yummy cocktails? Add our Salted Caramel syrup to your espresso martini for a kick!  Or, try making ice cubes with our pineapple syrup to add to any of your everyday drinks for a fun twist. Try our Australian local, Lemon Myrtle syrup, which makes a great addition to a refreshing cool mocktail drink when mixed with soda or tonic water. 

Shop our syrups today and discover why our Syrup range is so popular with households across Australia. 

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