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Our Flavoured Australian Cane Sugars are made with a base of sustainable cane sugar, grown and harvested locally in the northern rivers area of NSW where cane growers have been producing sugar for generations. The production processes used to grow, harvest and refine the sugar are certified sustainable - the bi products of the milling of the sugar cane is used as fuel to power the mill and the impurities removed during the refining process are recycled back to the fields as fertilizer. Our Flavoured Australian Cane Sugars are 100% natural, and we only use natural herbs and spices to flavour our sugars. The glass grinders are designed for long term use and you can adjust the granule size by twisting the ceramic grinder head. You can easily refill the grinder with one of our refill bags, how sustainable! You'll love our delicious flavours like Cinnamon and Vanilla for baking and Citrus, Chilli and Mint for decorating cocktail glasses.